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The QHSE Personnel Service combines specific job requirements and future job prospects with qualified and specialized specialists and executives.
Based on our 14 years of experience in recruiting specialists and executives, we provide a precise HR service for the most diverse qualifications and hierarchical levels.

In the search for suitable, highly qualified candidates for a particular job, a responsible personnel department can reach its limits. This is especially true when it comes to specialists with combinations of qualifications, or an organization needs several candidates, e.g. in a multi-site business.
Here it makes sense to use our Personnel Recruitment or Personnel Consulting which supports you in the search. We rely on sustainable collaboration with our customers and our candidates, based on current regulations and our compliance guidelines. The QHSE Personal Division is your partner for an innovative personnel service.



QHSE Recruitment Service Portfolio


Qualified specialist staff

Specialists and executives for industry, services and production

  • Agricultural economics
  • Construction industry
  • Chemistry
  • Power supply
  • Financial and insurance services
  • Trade and Logistics
  • Industry, Manufacturing
  • Art, Entertainment and Recreation
  • Food and Feed
  • Metal production, Metal construction
  • Public Administration
  • Transport, Traffic and Tourism
  • Supply and disposal
QHSE recruitment



Specialists and executives for clinics, medical practices and nursing facilities

  • Medical and Therapeutic professionals
  • Clinic Staff
  • Healthcare Medical / Prevention
  • Psychologists
  • Laboratory and Technical staff
  • Care, Eldery Care Staff
  • Pharmacy
QHSE recruitment



Specialists and Managers of the operational safety for organisations of all NACE codes and occupational classification

  • Safety Engineers / Technicians
  • Occupational Safety Professionals
  • Hazardous Materials referents
  • Fire protection engineers
  • REACH specialists
  • QHSE Manager
QHSE recruitment


Environment Compliance

Environmental professionals and executives for organisations of all NACE codes and occupational classification

  • Engineers / Technicians environmental protection
  • Engineers / Technicians supply and disposal
  • EMAS Environmental Veryfier
  • Laboratory Staff Environmental analysis
  • Environmental Referents
  • Environmental Lawyers


QHSE recruitment
QHSE Recruiting Division Europe

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We handle every concern discreetly and conscientiously, as you have a personal need for which the stability of your workforce or the compliance of your company can depend

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