Clinic, Healthcare and Medical personnel

With many years of experience in everyday hospital life and peripheral disciplines, we have extensive specialist knowledge of the respective requirements in the individual areas and thus a dedicated know-how, which requires specific competence for a particular task.

You will receive qualified candidates from our recruitmentdivision based on your requirements profile. Your human resources department thus saves valuable time and money for job advertisements, job interviews and the requisite applicant selection processes.



Our medical specialists have been successfully active in the medical and pharmaceutical industry for many years. We place for you:

  • Doctors of all disciplines
  • Specialists in medical technology and therapeutic assistance disciplines
  • Management and leadership
  • Specialists in medical technology, orthopedic technology
  • Pharmacy specialists, sales-staff
  • Eldery Care personnel
  • care and intensive care personnel
  • staff for supply and diagnostic centers
  • Staff for medical supply stores
  • Staff for pharmacies



healthcare personell


We take on all the work of recruiting staff for your organization. This includes the evaluation of a job, thus the required qualifications for the required job profile as well as the selection of the applicants.


If there is any question that we can answer, please let us know
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Line Manager Recruiting Division
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