QHSE Personnel Recruitment Division

Since about 2004, we have expanded our experience in the selection of applicants to dedicated job appointments. The team grew successively with specialists from the QM as well as the certification and expert areas, as well as occupational safety, education and training - and last but not least our management with expertise in the healthcare and clinical area, as well as occupational medicine.

We believe that in the future, we will be able to remain successful with our customers in the long term because we share a common understanding to stabilize a loyalty-strengthening link between the workforces and operations of our clients and to improve relevant compliance for our customers' business and social environment.

In 2017 our QHSE Company moved right into the heart of the largest Ruhr metropolis in Dortmund to the Königswall. By bundling our crew members at the new Dortmund location, we can not only offer all competences from a single source, but are also more flexible thanks to the excellent infrastructure (center location, rail and airport connections).
In addition to our integrated consulting specialists, we have cooperative QHSE teams that map expertise in specialist areas to provide the service teams with the most advanced solutions. With our cooperation partners from the QHSE-group partnership all teams complement each other to tasks in the international environment.

QHSE Personnel Recruitment Division is your partner for an innovative personnel service.

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