Engineers / Technician / skilled Professionals

For your organization, we identify qualified specialists and executives from the professional fields of engineering services, the technicians or skilled workers from the technical occupational groups to quality management and other secondary disciplines.

You will receive qualified candidates from our Recruitment Division based on your requirements profile. Your human resources department thus saves valuable time and money for job advertisements, job interviews and the requisite applicant selection processes.



Engineers / Technicians

Our division crew has hands-on experience in a wide variety of engineering and engineering areas and offers recruitment in the areas

  •      general plant engineering / mechanical engineering
  •      thermal / chemical process engineering
  •      Automation technology / software development
  •      Construction and engineering services
  •      R & D
  •      agricultural engineers
  •      Food / beverage industry
  •      Hydraulic Engineering / Canal Construction
  •      Mining
  •      Landscaping / Geology
  •      Chemical engineering / Petrochemical Processing
  •      Pharma engineering
  •      Supply and Disposal - Environmental Technology
  •      Fire protection
  •      Instructors / Lecturers


Personaldienst Engineering

skilled workers

The requirements that are put on the industry by contemporary trained skilled workers, are precisely covered by us and we therefore provide the right professionals for each industry.

Electricians, technicians, welders or installers will find their way to your company with their expertise. Since some of our QHSE crew members have started their careers themselves with a journeyman's certificate (apprenticeship diploma) we know the world of pragmatic craftsmanship and thus the demands that both sides make.


  •                Electrician
  •                Mechanic / Mechatronic
  •                Plumber
  •                Sanitary and Heating installer
  •                Air conditioning and ventilation insatller
  •                Metalworker / CNC-skilled worker
  •                Welder of all processes / material groups
  •                Landscaping / Horticulture
  •                Agricultural specialists
  •                Instructor


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