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The QHSE Personal Division team consists of specialists in the medical and engineering relevant workspaces. Over the years, the professional qualifications and personal experience of our teammates have developed into an extensive know-how that has built up a significant advantage for both applicants and employers.


Jobseekers, job changers, career entrants or doctoral students - We support Bachelor / Master students professionally, responsibly and discreetly when looking for a job when changing jobs or when looking for an organization for an appealing thesis


Your benefits

A placement for applicants is basically free.
We do not hold agency contracts for applicants. This is the only way to create a basis for a sustainable and inclusive form of successful HR services

Due to our specialization in medical and QHSE relevant occupations, we have questioned in advance the exact requirements of the job vacancies

We create the requirement profile with the employer. By adapting you do not give away any expensive qualifications that may make you lie fallow in an inappropriate place

With our precise job evaluation with the employer, we can map with which missing (and thus still buildable) qualifications an applicant is still optimally suited
Through our know-how from the QHSE management implementations for companies we also determine a potential future need for qualifications, which are integrated into the job profile.

Application documents or confidential information from documents or interviews are only forwarded to a client for the intended purpose of the employment agency with the explicit consent of an applicant.

For more information, please see our Privacy Policy for the QHSE Personal Division

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