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Our QHSE compliance division advises our clients throughout Europe on the implementation, improvement and certification of management systems. As an HR consultant, we understand the basics of qualification of professionals and executives in the industry standards.


Personnel to bridge unoccupied, legally appointed functions

In the case of a required bridging to cover a vacancy of a legally appointed person,  e.g. Environmental Protection Officer or Dangerous Goods Officer, our QHSE specialists will also take on temporary tasks as external appointed person or any other nessecessry  temporary projects from your QHSE system.
In case of vacancy of designated appointed staff or persons in charge of the QHSE management, we can bridge your personnel gaps. These processes may then be, upon reoccupation of the vacant position, e.g. after successful training, be integrated back into your company.

Our specialists offer a comprehensive portfolio for recruiting qualified employees for subject-specific quality-occupational safety or environmental-related assignments, or for executives responsible for the management of QHSE management systems.

Our personnel consulting includes specialized personnel of the following disciplines:


  • QHSE HSE Manager
  • Quality Engineers (ISO 9001, IAFT, ISO 22000 etc.)
  • Environmental engineers
  • Safety engineers
  • Environmental manager
  • Water pollution control officer
  • Immission control officer
  • Occupational safety specialists
  • Fire safety officer
  • Fire Protection Engineers
  • hazardous incidents officers
  • dangerous goods manage


  • auditors
  • environmental verifier
  • trainer
QHSE Manager

We recruit professionals exclusively for permanent employment. A temporary employment is definitely not useful in this professional field and therefore hardly reproducible. If you would like to find out more about the professional field of QHSE relevant tasks, we recommend a visit to our QHSE compliance division


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