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The demographic change and the current skills shortage lead to a constantly changing situation in the area of available qualified and experienced specialists and executives. To match this challenge with your needs, we offer a viable solution that goes beyond the common recruiting services.

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Since 2004, we have successfully completed recruitment projects. From the development of the job description through the determination of suitable candidates to the qualification of your new employees with the appropriate personal and subject-specific competencies, we accompany your recruiting process.

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QHSE recruitment

As we are a HR recruitment division within the QHSE Group with colleagues from the divisions of QHSE compliance and the certifying QHSE-Cert division,  the basis of our service is of course the quality standard of ISO 9001: 2015. Professionalism and sustainable cooperation with organizations and applicants define us.


How we proceed

Our back-office (Line Management) takes care of the administrative part of the QHSE recruiting division, they are your direct contacts and also reference persons for applicants.
The technical expertise for the respective evaluation of a job to be filled, for the design of the recruiting measures as well as candidate preselection for a customer order, are taken over by our respective head of department. Thus HR processes are optimized and accelerated considerably.

Many job offers are indecisive, mistake qualifications or are desperately overloaded with requirements. We analyze your current personnel needs on the spot and use a systematic approach to determine a targeted job profile to recruit suitable candidates for the current position and future development of the vacancy. We develop sub-processes of recruitment support or take over complete selection procedures for your new position.

Elaborated job offers provide the detailed information for the desired target group. In terms of content, we publish job offers oriented to occupational groups, strategically positioned and, according to the desired requirements, also absolutely discreet.
We publish job vacancies in specific and general media, e.g. in leading job boards, in specific career portals of the professional groups or on the federal DOL sides, in supply-related education centers, in universities as well as at specific exhibition.

The success of our clients

Our clients find with us - especially with the very narrow applicant availabilities in specialized occupations or experienced executives - nearly a 100% occupation of the vacant positions. The average recruitment duration, from commissioning to contract signing or start of employment, varies, in particular, depending on the industry, the position level, the qualification level, the committed employer conditions, such as mangaing competences,  geographical flexibility and mobility of applicants.
We note in particular that no wrong choice of both sides at a new professional challenge, a long-term and sustainable occupation endangered. Therefore, our inventory for the evaluation of an on-the-spot vacancy in the position to be awarded is a significant part of a vacancy.

your benefits with QHSE Human Ressource Service
  • As we assume an exclusiv contract we proceed to engage intensively with each applicant. As a result, hidden champions are also discovered and adaptable applicants recognized more sustainably.
  • We determine with you the targeted job requisition and are therefore much more targeted in order to take into account the relevant personal side requirements sustainably, (eg leadership skills, dealing with patients / customers / authorities , Representation skills, behavior in front of an audience during training and much more).
  • We prepare a salary evaluation for a sustainable acceptance of both sides on adequacy and satisfaction for a long term perspective.
  • We differentiate between the required knowledge, the level of experience, and the personal qualities of an applicator, especially social skills, loyalty, career aspirations, sustainable attachment, and the like. Upon request, orientation and interim discussions can be held with the new employee and the relevant company participants until the end of the probationary period in order to compare and promote potential and expectations.
  • With our specific industry knowledge, we offer our services increasingly in the depth and not in the breadth of the usual job market. We support you with your required new appointment with a personnel recruitment that is tailored to the health and engineering sector as well as to a field of expertise that is relevant to qualified specialists and executives.
Personnel Recruitment and Personnel Consultancy

Personnel Recruitment

In a recruitment order we determine the qualification requirements and develop the recruiting process to fill the vacant position with the desired candidates. Compensation is paid on a profit basis. Since compensation is only given to a recruitment agency if the job is successfully filled, the organization is free to hire several service providers who are involved in the same search for personnel at the same time.

Recruitment is widely used in unified professional qualifications or in middle management professionals. The Personnel recruiting of interdisciplinary multi-qualifications and higher management functions makes less sense.


Personnel Consultancy

The personnel consulting is much more demanding. This is an exclusive personnel service. This means that only one service provider receives the contract to fill a vacancy with certain candidates.

HR consulting is efficient for difficult to fill positions in multi-disciplinary positions with a range of different qualifications and higher leadership roles.


Discrete Personnel Consultancy

An employer can also exempt a position if certain characteristics no longer coincide with an employee and it is foreseeable that these features will not be recoverable. Reasons for behavioral dismissals are not interpreted here. A discrete personnel consultation occupies this position with the goal of a pragmatic substitution.

Discrete personnel consulting is also useful for companies that have not been able to fill a position for a long time, or in which within a very short time, the previous candidates have repeatedly been terminated. In a job advertisement is always to be noted that certainly the competition reads; - but also the employees learn that a job simply can not be filled. If the load is continually being distributed internally or constantly being compensated, it will not be in the long run for a job posting.

Companies with serious image problems tend to be the exception, but genre-specific lack of attractiveness can contribute to a reduction in candidate selection. For example, a position as a quality engineer in the pharmaceutical industry much more attractive than in the waste industry.
But also the lack of skilled workers and the low attractiveness of apprenticeships in the trades are subject to the same rules of the Job Value theorem.

It is therefore important to know exactly what people are looking for when identifying with their job situation. In addition to relevant skills, workers seeking personal values, traits, and personality traits also seek positions that lead to inner achievement.
When an achievable goal becomes unreachable, the foundation of the working relationship becomes unstable. A satisfied personal structure in working life is the foundation for a long-lasting corporate culture.


The fluctuation of employees is a cost factor for a company that should not be underestimated. It is fundamentally to be anticipated that in each hierarchy and in each level of training, a phase of diminished willingness to perform and loyalty, the so-called "internal dismissal", is first of all preceded. The reasons why employees want to leave or leave a company are rated with different explanations:

  • Deterioration of the working environment; Is there a prospect of getting another or better job, or even better unemployment than the current job?
  • Are there general or worrying concerns about correctness in the exercise of the activity, e.g. Violations of regulations?
  • Is motivation missing due to the image of the company or the job description, or because of too little or no recognition of the achievement, or constant negative criticism?
  • Is there a neglect of the contemporary work culture or are there social deficits; has the social loss of family, friends and relatives become too big and is deprivation or isolation carried out?
  • Were promises or hiring characteristics of the job not kept for a long time?
  • Have structural conditions got worse or not better?

Termination of employees beyond the normal level of natural fluctuation (retirement, maternity, transfer) is in principle a preventable cost to companies. A "healthy" turnover should guide a company strategically, in that volitional turnover, "the good ones remain go bad ", is promoted systematically.

Professional research or job search
The search for a job's image or salary structure suggests a deeper connection with the current position and should sometimes be carried out by the employer itself. This belongs to the area of ​​fluctuation prevention.

As an employer one should ask oneself why an employee risks a change; unless it is a change of life of the person concerned, e.g. marriage with change of geographical center of life.
The discovery of a job search by employees can not be terminated, just because they look around the job market and advertise another position. Understandably, there are questions when an employee applies to potential competitors. Where else then, because ultimately experiences are due to the genre in which these experiences are grown. The concomitant concern that the employee has defined an internal termination and possibly takes company secrets or customer data, reveals the focus of the actual cause of termination.


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